Maryland Needs More Housing. Right Now.

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More Expensive. Less Affordable.

Affordable housing is disappearing because so many people want to live in Maryland but there’s too little housing. That drives housing prices up –and that drives average people out. “

Older Marylanders and families of color are being squeezed out of the housing market because there aren’t enough attainable housing options. We need immediate action to preserve housing opportunities for all Maryland residents.

Maryland Needs


Additional Homes

Freddie Mac Estimate of Maryland Housing Shortage (2020)

How Can We Open Doors to Housing That Works for Everyone?

We urge our elected leaders in Maryland to SUPPORT:

Returning Buyer Deposit Money

When buyers make an offer on a home, they often include deposit money to show they are serious about the purchase. But if the home sale does not occur, the buyer funds may not be returned for long periods of time. This can keep buyers from making an offer on another home. We support legislation to quickly return deposits to buyers.

Banning Real Estate “Love Letters”

In competitive markets, homebuyers compose “love letters” to encourage a seller to select them over other buyers. Often these letters include pictures or identify the buyer’s race, sexual orientation, or familial status. By selecting a buyer based upon a “love letter,” sellers may be violating Fair Housing laws. We support legislation to prevent real estate agents from forwarding “love letters” to sellers and even the playing field for purchasers.

Reforming Regulations on Missing Middle Housing

As new and innovative housing options are developed in Maryland, we discover that our rules and regulations need to be updated to reflect those housing types. One example of this is condominium insurance policy requirements, which can charge unnecessarily high rates on detached cottages and similar developments. We support regulatory reforms to make missing middle housing options a reality.

Promoting Accessory Dwelling Units

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is small, independent housing unit located on the same lot as a primary residence. ADUs are a source of smaller and sustainable housing and provide affordable options in areas with high housing costs. They assist homeowners with aging in place, accommodating grown children, or generating additional income. We support policies to allow the use of ADUs in our communities.

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